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Breezelands Orchards

Your family fun destination in Central Massachusetts


Our Farmstand

Fresh and Healthy

Even if you don’t have time for a pick-your-own excursion, Breezelands Orchards’ rustic and friendly New England farmstand is still the perfect place to buy fresh produce and baked goods for your family, the next time you’re in Central Massachusetts.

Fresh Fruit:  Apples, Peaches, Blackberries, Raspberries and Nectarines.

Freshly Baked:  Apple Cider Donuts, Pies and Breads

Specialities:  Apple Cider, Local Honey,  Artisan Cheeses,  Maple Syrup,

                     and more…

We are proud to offer fresh produce picked right from our 100-acre apple orchard. We employ Integrated Pest Management, IPM systems to reduce our use of pesticides, allowing us to bring your family the healthiest, safest, and freshest apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, and blackberries possible.

Breezelands Orchards is excited to announce that it now offers wholesale fresh produce available for local retailers and supermarkets. Our orchard, with 8,000 trees and counting, is ideally situated with proximity to Worcester, Boston, Springfield, Nashua, Hartford, Providence, and even New York City, so that we can provide our fresh wholesale crops around the Northeast.

We are already equipped with the necessary infrastructure and equipment to deliver high quality wholesale fresh produce, and we stock over 25 varieties of apples. We are proud to be certified in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and to utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM), making us a responsible and safe wholesale produce provider. Our high elevation and unusually rich soil gives our apples a distinctly delicious flavor that your customers will rave about.

With highly efficient operations, an orchard that is over one-third new growth, preparing for an increase in wholesale apple production, and the dependability that can only come from a third-generation family owned orchard, our apples are a product that you will feel good about selling, and that your customers will feel great about buying.

Contact Us or Give us a call at 413-436-7122 for more information.

Wholesale Operation

We Can Ship It For You...

If you or one of your loved ones lives too far away to come and see us here in Central Massachusetts, we are happy to ship our fresh and delicious apples! We offer packages of 16 perfect, handpicked apples available in many of your favorite varieties. Our high elevation and unusually rich soil give our apples a distinctly delicious flavor that your friends and family will talk about for years. If you live in New England, you know that the apple orchards here produce the best apples in the world.

$60 includes shipping and handling anywhere in the County, September through Thanksgiving, and the apples arrive safely wrapped in a gift box, so that you or your loved ones can enjoy a taste of New England anywhere.

Contact Us or….Give us a call at 413-436-7122       

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Call at 413-436-7122 for more information.