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At Breezelands Orchards in Warren Massachusetts, you can buy your apples already pre-picked or you can pick your own apples. You can sample, mix and match to make sure go home with your favorite apples for eating or cooking. We provide half-bushel bags to fill as you explore our 100-acre orchard with picnic areas, tractor rides during the pick-your-own season, all on our beautiful scenic slopes with crisp New England air.

As you explore the orchard, try a variety of different apples, each with their own mouthwatering characteristics. Available for you for baking, freezing, or snacking on.

We are proud to offer the highest value in apple picking in Massachusetts. We are certified in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM), making us a responsible and safe produce provider. Our high elevation and unusually rich soil gives our apples a distinctly delicious flavor.

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Pick Your Own

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